Section Committee


Kelvin Grimble

Vice Chair

Christopher Smith


Tom Edwards


Michael Hanson

Chair Elect

Michael Hanson

Linda Albright
Gary Call Hanley
Barry Cardinael
Wayne Chomik
Kevin Duthu
Randy Gardner
James Gilmore
Michael Hanson
Michael Janas
John Jaszcz
James Jordan
Jim Kaiser
Graham Kirk
Kerry Kopp

Russell Long
Jayce Murphy
Robert Olhsson
Jonell Polansky
Ken Porter
Mike Porter
Glenn Rieuf
Mark Rubel
Ryan Shelton
Adam Smith
Travis Turk
Tevin Turner
David Venus
Jason Waufle
Frank Wells

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Kelvin Grimble


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Bert Kraaijpoel


Possessing a mixed technical/musical background, Bert embarked on his audio career as a recording engineer in the 1980s – during the advent of the digital era – dealing with the recording/editing of classical music and jazz. Alongside this, he developed in an educational capacity, establishing professional training programs in audio technology; initially targeting broadcast engineers, and later expanding to encompass other AV companies.

AES Awards
  • AES Board of Governor’s Award, for service to the Society.